Calculation & Simulation

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Structural Mechanics and Finite Element Analysis near Graz - Styria

Structural mechanics is a part of our core competences – static and dynamic analysis of steel structures as well as buckling and fatigue analysis based on legal standards.

Calculation & Simulation

Analytical and numerical methods are used in order to estimate the behavior of a structure or part in use. Depending on the complexity, either regarding the design or the engineering material, one is forced to use methods related to computational mechanics, like linear and nonlinear finite element analysis. Prooving the strenth of a structure, a part or a construction detail with respect to standards like the EC 3 or the FKM guideline is usually the main aim of such investigations.

Safety and Usability

Despite the required proofs for static and dynamic durability, usability and machine safety are two further issues that should be investigated prior to the utilization of structures, machines or steelworks. Especially regarding prototypes, care has to be taken on these parameters during the initial test periods.