Material Testing

Getting the required data ...

Material testing near Graz – Styria

In order to gain insight into complex material behavior, real experiments have to be made. We perform standard test on elastomers as well as quasistatic and dynamic tests with prototypes of rubber to metal parts in our laboratory.

Elasticity and Viscoelasticity

Our equipment allows for the determination of experimental data vital for elastomers like uniaxial and equibiaxial tests as well as pure shear tests. For the determination of viscoelastic material parameters creep- and relaxation tests are possible, both in uni- and equibiaxial setting. Despite these specific tests, quasistatic tests can be performed on metal to rubber parts in order to capture stiffness – or relaxation behavior. Some examples of material characterizations are shown in the images.

Haigh diagramms and Woehler curves

Despite ongoing R&D collaboration, a former joint project with IB-CM regarding elastomer fatigue has sucessfully been completed. With this test bed Woehler curves as well as Haigh diagramms can be identified by making use of simple samples with a specially designed geometry.